Yasuo Fujii

My name is Yasuo Fujii.
I graduated from the Elisabeth University of Music.
I studied guitar with Masakazu Tokutake,Norio Sato.
I performe music from Classical to Contemporary.
At present I am teaching guitar at Elisabeth University of Music and Hiroshima Bunka Gakuen University as a part-time lecturer.

  • Guitar Studio

    About the Lessons

    I am a guitar instructor that can give lessons with guitar in English.If you want to learn guitar,please contact me!

    I specialise Classical guitar,Acostic guitar and Ukulele. Please ask me about your preference.

    Lesson fee

    ・1 Lesson(40min)・・・4,000yen

    ・Start up fee(1st time only,access to my studio menbership.)・・・3,000yen

    ・Monthly package(3lessons×40min)・・・10,000yen


    Junior(3lesson×30min)※4~12 years old only・・・8,000yen

    Studio Location・Contact

  • Mail

  • Tel +81-090ー2008ー4738
  • Honkawacho 2-6-10 Hiroshima Naka-ku, Hiroshima 730-0802 Japan

    Take the street car from Hiroshima staition ,get off at Honkawacho.2 minutes walk from here.

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